Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Local Indulgence

After falling asleep listening to a concert of coqui frogs and light rain, we wake well rested and ready for whatever the days adventure brings. Al's constant headaches he has experienced for the last year are starting to dissipate; this is a great sign.

I dance my way to the shower, excited to see Dad and for the next leg of our adventure. The shower is an experience of soft water and the scent of tropical flowers, Not feeling the need for much makeup or hair styling, getting ready is quick and easy. Sitting on the lanai, sipping delicious, locally grown, Kona coffee, we plan out the day's journey.

Having just returned from the local farmer's market, Jean sat a colorful assortment of unidentifiable fruits before us, luckily she was there to guide us through each one. We cut into the rambutan first. If I didn't know better I would say this was something from another planet. Red, soft, spiky, and all together alien looking, the rambutan is quite delicious and apparently packed full of nutrients. Once you take the outer layer off, it has the texture of a giant grape on the inside. My taste buds are jumping with excitement as I bite into this sweet, juicy, ball of  heaven.

Next, we decide to venture into the soursop. This funny looking green fruit is about the size of a large avocado and has bumps all over it. Inside is a white creamy fruit with black seeds about double the size of watermelon seeds. The taste is not as sweet as the rambutan and will definitely be an acquired taste. Jean tells us this little powerhouse of a fruit is 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherapy at fighting cancer. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies won't get rich off this, so most will never hear about it.
Soursop, Papaya, and Avocado

After an amazing breakfast.and a ton of advice on what to see, where to eat, and what to expect if we decide to make the move to Hawaii, we are on our way. Jean gives us a few parting gifts: a jar of her wonderful ginger-turmeric iced tea, a Hawaiian calendar, and a great big hug. If this is what the people of Hawaii island are like, I am sold.

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